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is a Certified Life and Mindfulness Coach, based in the beautiful state of North Carolina. Her holistic approach assists clients in clarifying goals, identifying obstacles, and implementing strategies to overcome each obstacle. ShaQuanna aids clients in living a fulfilled life, and specializes in closing the gap from where her clients currently are to where they desire to be.  Identifying growth, setting goals and objectives and practicing accountability are a few of the tools she utilizes to support her clients in reaching their goals and visions. Her expertise in Mindfulness also assists clients in clearing the path for leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

Mindfulness encourages greater focus, less stress, and several other benefits. It can offer a different perspective on their lives, as well as themselves.


Do you find yourself in a phase of stagnation?


Are you experiencing confusion regarding your future?


Are you repeating unhealthy patterns?


Are you feeling disconnected from others and experiencing a lack of motivation?


Are you simply in need of a serious upgrade in your life?


No matter the obstacle, ShaQuanna is qualified and ready to assist in helping individuals discover who they truly are, find direction and experience true joy in all aspects of their lives. It’s time for you to live your best life. The world has need of the greatness you hold within. ShaQuanna helps her clients reach each goal one step at a time. She is dedicated to taking the time to really dig deep and learn each individual. It’s beyond that of merely a client experience, but genuine concern and support for her client’s overall well-being. Her ultimate goal is that each client is awakened to who they are, what they can accomplish and achieve fulfillment and success. It is her desire that in return, they utilize that awareness and growth to pay it forward



5 reasons why having a morning routine is important

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I’ve worked with ShaQuanna Kilgore for several years now and have found her to be extremely professional, reliable, self-motivated, driven, and insightful. She has a gift with people and is able to see beyond the surface to help identify root causes of issues. Her spiritual nature gives her an additional ability to be empathetic and encouraging while helping you discover your own truths and problem solve in challenging areas of your life. She is nonjudgmental and a safe space to share your innermost thoughts and feelings. Her communication style is very open and comforting.


I would wholeheartedly recommend her without reservation.

- Chef Lisa Brooks

(52yo, CEO of Heart & Soul Personal Chef Services)


Seeking the assistance of ShaQuanna as a life coach was a decision that changed my life. She has guided me through a period in my life in which I was struggling to balance work, athletic training, and family. She helped me achieve clarity by cutting through the clutter to pinpoint problems that were, at the time, blind spots. She encouraged me to refocus, reorganize, and view even my challenges from a different perspective. I was pleased with the structure and insight of each session. What you learn with ShaQuanna will help you for the rest of your life. I felt both challenged and supported by my sessions with ShaQuanna. I am pleased regarding the direction of my life, as I am now able to give each area the time needed. I would definitely recommend ShaQuanna as a life coach. She is professional, personable, yields results, and passionate about her work.

- Crezdon

(34yo, Professional Athlete)


I sought ShaQuanna's assistance after finding it difficult to effectively balance my work and personal life. As a home-based entrepreneur, it's not always easy to devote quality time to each area. My struggle to juggle things and find the right balance resulted in burnout over time. Shaquanna provided me with game-changing solutions for successfully juggling life and work. Working with Shaquanna was both enjoyable and refreshing. Her vitality is energizing and contagious. Every session left me feeling empowered, energized, and grounded. If you are looking for balance and harmony in your life, I highly recommend Shaquanna as a life coach. 

- Monique Kilgore

(41 yrs old, CEO of Divas Can Cook)




Life Coach

The art of finding a person's true why. Defining their purpose and taking life one stepping stone at a time.

$250 per session (55 mins.)

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Business Owner
Life Coach

To assist business owners on how to navigate through the parallels of business vs personal. Where's the real balance and what common denominator lies between the two.

$350 per session (55 mins.)

Life Coach

The ability to join like-minded people who are ready to learn and flourish through adversity.

Coming Soon!


5 reasons why having a morning routine is important


It has been a privilege to work with Shaquanna, as I was earnestly seeking assistance with my business affairs and creating organic growth in my trucking business. To my surprise, Shaquanna not only addressed my business, but also delved into my personal life. Each session was insightful and eye-opening. Her willingness to listen and offer keen insight and wisdom has helped me immensely in not only creating organic growth in my trucking business, but growing as an individual as well. Shaquanna targeted the area of self-responsibility and, in doing so, caused my trucking business to reap several beneficial benefits. I highly recommend Shaquanna as a life and career coach. Her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes, and plans is life-changing. She brought quality, professionalism, and expertise.

- Mike

(33yo, CEO of Trucking Company)


I met Shaquanna in 2015 and soon after, we were both working for a chiropractor in North Charlotte. Although Shaquanna's title at the time was Office Manager, it became abundantly clear that the passion, drive, and energy with which she approaches all her engagements made her as much of a team member as office manager and as co-conspirator in pursuing a profitable life. She was clear to balance out money-making opportunities with life-enriching opportunities. I've been thankful for Shaquanna and her advice, tears, passion, service, and leadership that she's offered me and my family both personally and professionally. 


When I started my massage business in 2018, Shaquanna was one of the first people to cheer me on and support me in whatever way she could. I'm grateful for all the encouragement and challenges Shaquanna has brought to me as I pursue helping others through bodywork.



I encourage everyone to know that the next step for growth in their business is just a phone call away.

- Naomi Kunz

(30yrs old, CEO of Naomi K Massage)

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